Thursday, August 16, 2018

[Takotsuboya (TK)] Teitoku no Ketsudan: Showa 16-nen no Haisen | Admiral's Decision: The Defeat of Showa-16 [Update 2]

Here comes a WWII history lesson for you. Just like the Girls und Panzer ones we did last time.

[Update] Added new corrections and the afterword. We will be updating the whole series with help from Inceptor57, WW2 expert from E-Hentai forums.

[Update 2] Updated pages 45, 49, 51. Thanks to mutopis for pointing them out.

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Hentai artist LOLICEPT rants on Twitter

LOLICEPT saw his images being uploaded onto the internet and is ranting on Twitter:
The image set in question is probably: