Thursday, January 4, 2018

Police make list of 7200 people who purchased child porn [News]

(Rough summary/translation)

On May 2017, Tokyo Police raided a website selling child pornography, and from the website's staff they confiscated a list of approx. 7200 people who made purchases.

Files for 200 people in this list were sent to the public prosecutor's office for possession of child pornography. The list included public prosecutors, police officers, doctors, local body politicians and popular manga artists.

It is illegal to possess under-18 porn, and is is punishable by a maximum 1 year jail sentence or a 1 million yen fine.

The website was raided on May 1st, and a Korean man (61 years old) and 4 others were arrested for the same crimes. The website required signup, and by 2016 January, it had earned 250 million yen.

The police searched the homes of the 4 men, and found and confiscated 20,000 child porn DVDs. When they checked the computers, they found a list of their customers, containing their address, name, and the titles of purchased DVDs.

They asked a doctor to verify the ages of the actors on the DVDs, and found that at least 3000 people had purchased child porn. There were even DVDs of very young children who appeared to be preschool age.

Searches were done in homes of the purchasers, and files for 200 people were sent to the public prosecutor's office for possession of child pornography. These included the author of "Runouni Kenshin," a Tokyo public prosecutor, a guard at the imperial palace, an employee of Tokyo City, as well as employees of major corporations.

The list also contained doctors, members of prefectural assemblies and monks. The police are currently investigating, and more criminal charges are expected.


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