Saturday, December 30, 2017

Cool Song #3: Hello, My Friends

Part 3 of my Cool Song series.

Here is a '90s kid's song from Hirake! Ponkikki (ひらけ!ポンキッキ: a kid's show that was on Fuji TV). The title is Hello, My Friends (ハロー・マイフレンズ).

It's a good song if you're learning Japanese or an instrument because it's simple.

Below are the lyrics/translation and the chords (I worked the chords out by ear, so are not exactly correct but sounds fine). The song is in the key of F.

F       C7       C7        F
あおいそらに ぽっかりしろいくも
Aoi sora ni pokkari shiroi kumo
Blue sky and fluffy clouds

F          Bb        C7        F
それだけでほら ステキなきぶん
Soredakede hora suteki na kibun 
That's enough to feel fine

F       C7       C7        F
はなはさいて かぜはやさしいね
Hana wa saite kaze wa yasashii ne 
Flowers are blooming, the wind is gentle

F              Bb        C7        F
Chikyuu wa bokura no takarajima
The Earth is our treasure island

F         Bb        
ハロー マイフレンズ
Hello, my friends

C7       F
ハロー マイワールド
Hello, my world

F              Bb        Dm    C7
きょうはしらない キミとボクも 
Kyou wa shiranai kimi to boku mo 
I might not know you today

F         Bb        
ハロー マイフレンズ
Hello, my friends

C7       F
ハロー マイワールド
Hello, my world 

F           Bb       C7        F
Ashita wa kitto tomodachi sa
But I'm sure we will be friends tomorrow

F       C7       C7        F
うみのむこう ことばはちがっても
Umi no mukou kotoba wa chigattemo
On the other side of the ocean, we might speak different languages, but

F          Bb            C7       F
おんなじじかんを すごしているよ
Onnaji jikan o sugoshite iruyo
We are all living in the same time

F       C7            C7       F
ひとりぼっちじゃ そうさ かなしいね
Hitoribocchi ja sousa kanashii ne
Being alone, indeed is sad

F          Bb            C7        F
Kokoro wa kamisama no okurimono 
The heart is a gift from God

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