Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Japanese woman found crying in Taiwan beacuse she missed flight home to Japan

On November 17th 20174, a female Japanese tourist missed her flight from Kaohsiung, Taiwan and was found by police crying and penniless.


She was found by a patrolling policeman near the Kaohsiung Film Archives, after reports that there was "a woman is crying near Ai River and might be about to commit suicide." Upon finding out that she was Japanese, he took her back to the police box, where a Japanese-speaking off-duty policeman translated for her by phone.

It turned out that she was in her 20s and from Kyoto, and she had missed her low-cost carrier (LCC) flight. She had no money to buy another ticket, didn't speak the language, and was too ashamed to get help. After walking from the airport, she tried to sleep outdoors, but found it was too cold, and the hunger had made her cry.

The policeman bought her food and a drink with his own money, and contacted the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association (btw: there is no Japanese Embassy in Taiwan because of mainland China). The Association contacted her family and loaned her money for her flight home.

Source (Japanese)

Morals of the story:
1. Don't go overseas without enough cash/credit card.
2. Have a phone that will work overseas.
3. Taiwanese people are nice.
4. If you are a woman, crying in public will help.
5. Know how to get to your local Embassy.
6. Do not miss your flight.

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