Friday, September 29, 2017

Website was down

This website was down for a few hours because my domain name registrar was having issues.

It is fixed now.

[Isocurve (Allegro)] Degradation 2 (Makai Kishi Ingrid)

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Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku! Chapter 29 [Final]

From Angry Fox Scans: After the infiltration mission failed, Kazuto finds himself in front of the real ringleader of the entire operation. How will he and Karen go through their mission? Will they survive? Is this the END for our hapless MC?? All these burning will be answered in the final installment of Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku!

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Friday, September 22, 2017

[MARUTA] Kimi no Sukina Onnanoko no Katachi | Shape of Your Favorite Girl

Chapters 1-5 by (the now dead) THMMY Scans (translated by IlPalazzo-ojiisan and edited by Hurp Durp).

Chapters 6-10 by N04h (translated by N04h and edited by Herzer)

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Otonano Guwa Crowdfunding [Updated]

I noticed that my translation of Mother and Child Game created a lot of interest, and people have been asking me if I can do the other 2 volumes.

The other 2 volumes are:

Siblings Game

Mother and Son Game (Part 2)

The 2 books have been bought, and are with the scanner.

Mother and Child Game Part 2 has been scanned by someone else so we will be dropping scanning of that one.

Scanlation cost for Mother and Son Game is $85 (translation + editing). This is about the same rate as Mother and Son Game Part 1, it is very text heavy. FUNDED + COMPLETED (see update 7 below)

We are now seeking $52 to get Sibling Game shipped and scanned (in USD). Total amount funded for far: $2.33 / $52.

Siblings Game has been uploaded. Scanlation price for this will be $105 (translation + editing). $2.33 / $105.

For more information about how to contribute, please use the email form on the right or send me a PM on E-Hentai.

UPDATE 1: The books have been ordered, thanks to $25 from an E-Hentai member.

UPDATE 2: The books have been bought, I need $76 to get them shipped and scanned.

UPDATE 3: Because I couldn't leave the books with the shop, I had to personally pay $30 for them to be shipped to the guy scanning it. Still looking for other people to help with these costs.

UPDATE 4: Someone else has uploaded a scan of volume 2.

UPDATE 5: The plan now is to only get Siblings Game book scanned.

UPDATE 6: Mother and Son Game scanlation had been funded.

UPDATE 7: Mother and Son Game part 2 has been completed. People who paid get to see it first. Will be posted here later on.

UPDATE 8: Siblings Game has been scanned by someone else. The scanlation price has been set.