Monday, July 24, 2017

I joined the Chrome Crew (random post)

It pains me (not really) to say that I now have abandoned my long-cherished browser, Firefox, to the abyss. Chrome is now my default.

It's faster and I can switch between several Google accounts. It also syncs with Chrome my phone (Nexus 6P). Chrome also natively supports Chromecast, which means I can stream videos and music from my browser to my Chromecast devices.

Firefox also used to consume gigabytes of memory with several tabs open (bloating much?). Firefox is a dying browser.

The browser stats of this website, in the past week, is shown below.

Chrome is now more than half of the visitors here (56%), with Firefox at 28% (this number is dropping fast). Safari is a distance third at 6% (it's probably just me browsing the site on my iPad lol).

Windows is the most popular operating system at 71%. The most common source of traffic is from the USA. You 'muricans are perverts.

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