Sunday, July 15, 2018

[Bai Asuka] Youbo | Impregnated Mother Ch.1-11

Part 2 (chapter 9+) has finally begun.

Chapter 11 title ("悪情の果日") I am not sure is translated correctly, if someone can help please do.

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  1. Great work. love Bai Asuka.
    Can you also translate Kaigo Dorei?

  2. Please translate this. thanks
    [Bai Asuka] Swap Slave

  3. i have a request, can you translate hentai manga from Tsuyatsuya titled "Monokage no Iris" Volume3? volume 1 and 2 has been scanned by someone else. many people waiting for Volume3. i beg you for translate it

    sorry for bad english

  4. What release date is Impregnated Mother Ch. 10?

    1. Next month I think.
      The series is on sale here:

  5. The series has ended and the chapter 11-12 are finish will you be completing the series ?

  6. Hi, sorta newbie to your site and just browsed this today. Are you still unsure re: c11 title? I read it differently but I wasn't sure as well+not a native speaker so wanted to see if you had other thoughts on it or received input from others since then. I initially read it as "The end of [aversion] / The day [aversion] ended" - i.e. I took 果日 to mean 果ての日 and 悪情 as unpleasant emotions.

    I haven't read Youbo before so I actually dled it for this heh ^^. Flicked through c10/11 quickly to check out plot (pretty hot! - will read from beginning later) and interpreted the 悪情 as feelings of self-disgust/doubt/resistance the Mother had.

    Let me know if you found/confirmed the right answer! Just curious c(。•́‿•̀。c)