Sunday, November 6, 2016

My new phone

I was getting sick of my 2 year old OnePlus One for its crappy bugs (Bluetooth issues, cannot see files in Windows when I connect it by USB, lagging etc) and damage from dropping it a few times.

I also had to get the phone repaired TWICE. Once for the infamous touchscreen issue (which by the way was a hardware issue and not a software one), and another for a dead microphone.

The One was running Cyanogen OS 13.1 software. You expect the software to get better with time, but that is not the case with this phone. It gets WORSE. Neither Oneplus nor Cyanogen gives a shit about older devices.

Beware, this is what you get for buying a cheap Chinese phone.

Thus, I bought a gold Huawei Nexus 6P 64gig to replace it. The price was $770 NZD on special online (normally $898).

Below are photos of it. The color of the back is more like a very light bronze color, rather than a gold.

My thoughts...

It has a 5.7 inch Samsung OLED screen, and it looks very different to an LCD that I am used to. To my eyes, the whites are more yellow (compared to LCD being more reddish) and the bright colors (like red, yellow etc) are more intense. Photos and videos look amazing. The drawback is that it's not as bright as an LCD and can be hard to see outdoors.

It has dual front-facing speakers like my old HTC One M7/M8. They sound pretty good and not tinny like most other phones.

One of my favorite features. In the right situations, it takes stunning pictures that are comparable to a dedicated camera. With Google Photos, you can unlimited storage (albeit at limited quality) of your snapshots so save storage space.

Soon after buying it, I got the update to Android 7.0 ("Nougat") and installed. I haven't noticed a single issue as of yet. I can even use the split screen mode as below. I'm looking at cartoon porn while browsing 2ch.

I would say the battery life is average, or slightly above average. According to GSam Battery Monitor, I get between 4.5  hours of Screen On Time (SOT), with overall life about 14 hours. This is less than what I'm used to on the Oneplus One which could last for 2 days straight. But the battery does charge fast so that's cool.

Fingerprint sensor works nicely, and I think every smartphone should have one (apps like LastPass and Paypal support fingerprint login too). Phone calls work fine, and I can browse and watch porn with no problems. The size is a big on the big side and it's a big heavy, but I can manage it.

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase.

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