Friday, September 23, 2016

Persona 5 Impressions

I have played about 10 hours of this game on PS4.
Here are some things that have changed from Persona 4.

Battle Scenes:

All commands are mapped to a single button, making it fast to choose your command.

All characters now have a ranged weapon (gun, slingshot etc) which have limited ammo (it reloads after you exit the dungeon). Some enemies are weak against ranged attacks.

Exploring Dungeons:

There are no random battles. You now have to hide behind objects and sneak up on monsters in order to get the first turn in battle. If the monster finds you first, they will attack first.

Collecting Personas:

Personas are collected by negotiating with the monsters during battle. This is done by hitting their weakness and getting them in "Holdup" mode. If you don't want to negotiate, then you can also do a finishing attack like in previous games. Items and money can also be gained this way.

Other Points:
  • You can fast travel inside cities and dungeons. Dungeons now have safe rooms where you can heal and save.
  • You can craft items like lockpicks in your room (but takes time).
  • The graphics are pretty average for a modern video game. The backgrounds are pretty blurry.
  • Teddie from Persona 4 has been replaced by Morgana the cat. You carry him in your bag and he talks constantly.
  • You can date your teacher.
  • You can date your doctor.
  • Taking movies and screenshots are not allowed to prevent spoilers.
  • First dungeon takes about 10-15 hours (I took 12) to complete, total about 80 hours.

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