Tuesday, July 19, 2016

[Tomofuku] Oiran Takao Dayuu wa Otokonoko?!

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A story about a crossdressing male prostitute in the Edo period. 

Some explanation on the words used:
  • Yoshiwara Yuukaku (吉原遊郭) - A yuukaku, an area for brothels appointed by the Edo Bakufu. 
  • Oiran (花魁) - A high-ranking girl at Yoshiwara Yuukaku. 
  • Takao Dayuu (高尾太夫) - Name given to the top girl at Yoshiwara Yuukaku. 
  • Tayuu (太夫) - The highest rank of prostitute.
  • Oshoku (御職) - A high-ranking girl of a brothel. 
  • Nishiki-e (錦絵) - A type of ukiyo-e woodblock print.  
  • Hanare (離れ) - A building that is detached from the main building of your house.
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