Monday, November 21, 2016

[Tomohiro Kai] Sono Onna, Himotsuki | On the End of Her Leash

How to be a bum and a success.


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  1. The Link to ExHentai appears to be dead.

    1. It was removed by Wani/Fakku.

    2. ...Wait, Fakku? Why would Fakku remove a doujin from another site? Don't they benefit from it either way?

      I stopped going to their site a while ago after they destroyed they visual novel section.I checked it right now, but nothing looks out of the ordinary.

    3. Fakku made a deal with Wani Magazine to publish their books in English.

      Jacob (the boss at Fakku) has been sending out DMCAs to all the other sites that host Wani material (even though he keeps denying it).

    4. Man, really? What a shame, Fakku was the go to place for everything hentai back then, so to hear them doing stuff like this is really disappointing.

      Looked into the other artist's works that are affected and, oh boy, its a cataclysm. I knew something was up when some of my favorite artists, like Ishikei, Tosh, and Gunma, all had their works just disappear out of nowhere. Looking at my favorites list on ExHentai now, about half the links are dead. Dear lord that is depressing.

      I suppose if I really wanted some translated works, I could go straight to the translator's site, but how do I know what has been translated? Is their a place where I can see what has been translated and be directed to the translator's site?

    5. and has some.

      These sites ignore DMCA warnings.

      You can also look for torrents at places like

    6. From the bottom of my heart: thank you. Its gonna be a pain navigating all these sites, but at least they still have some of my old favorites.

      When it comes to Fakku, I hope that they can at least make their customers satisfied. Who knows, maybe I'll buy something from them in the future.

      *EDIT* Accidentally posted a new comment as opposed to a reply.

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