Monday, January 18, 2016

All your illegal downloading has angered this hentai artist!

Gujira went on a rant on Twitter recently:
違法アップされてますよってメールはたまに来てて、まぁ止めれんだろって思って諦めてたんだけど。 単行本も違法アップされててDL数25000とか見えて完全にマンガ描く気力なくした。 多分もう描かん。
He says:
I occasionally get emails about illegals uploads, and I usually don't bother doing anything since I know there's nothing I can do to stop them. But when I saw that my tankoubon (this one) was also uploaded and getting 25000 downloads (on dropbooks who get their content from E-Hentai), I lost my motivation to draw. I probably won't draw anymore.
Another Tweet by him:
CG集とか同人誌は個人の労力だからいいけど、単行本一冊作るのにどれだけの人の労力と時間を使ってると思ってんだ…。 アップしたやつ関係者全員に謝罪して全額賠償した上で美少年ならケツ奴隷になれ。
I don't mind CG sets and doujinshi so much because it's only my work, but do they realize how much of other people's energy and time is needed to produce a tankoubon...? The person that uploaded it should apologize to all the people involved, pay for all damages, then if he's a pretty boy, become my ass slave.

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