Monday, September 21, 2015

Jacob from Fakku is famous?

Finding opportunities overseas with the ‘art of hentai’

When Jacob Grady began pirating anime and manga online eight years ago, he was still in college.
But Grady was not pirating rollicking anime adventure series or kids’ shows like “Pokemon.” The content on his site was what most non-Japanese call “hentai” (abnormal, perverted), and in Japan is still largely known as ero-manga, ero-anime, or just: porno.


How One Website Is Convincing People To Pay For Cartoon Porn

After eight years of offering every form of aggregated hentai, a pornographic subgenre of Japanese anime— is planning to make people pay.

Fakku CEO Jacob Grady, says the site is in the process of removing all unlicensed content in preparation of its premium launch at the end of 2015. “I’ve always believed that creating a product worth spending money on would be enough to get people to support it,” said Grady, who launched Fakku from his Worcester State University dorm when he was 19.


The fuck? I'm finding his name on mainstream media sites now?

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