Monday, August 31, 2015

[Momoiro Kageboushi (Nazuna)] Wagaya no Loli Succubus

Title says it all.

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This is how Japanese students do a "hunger strike"
Drinking Pocari Sweat.
Reading manga.
Eating food that was given to them. (The arrow is pointing to a rubbish bin with used food containers)
Having fun.


Saturday, August 29, 2015

More evidence of Olympics logo designer plagiarizing other people's works...

See here for the original article.
Above is an image by the designer of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo Kenjiro Sano, showing examples of how his designs could be used.
People on the internet have found that the image was just a Photoshop of a photo on another blog. He even went so far as to remove the copyright notice (bottom right on the photo).
It is also now known that Mr. Sano has many "friends" in the industry and government, for example his brother Kyuichiro Sano (佐野究一郎) is the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. The judging panel for his logo had several of his buddies as well - including a former employee.

Could he be the greatest Japanese fraud since Haruko Obokata? (which was only last year lol)

[Kouchaya (Ootsuka Kotora)] COMING EVENT (Kantai Collection -KanColle-)

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[Hana Hook] Nekura Shounen no Fukushuu Harem Choukyou Keikaku

Credit Herzer for editing, anonymous for commissioning the whole project!

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Himouto! Umaru-chan character popularity rankings

One of the best anime on right now.

1. Ebina
2. Kirie
3. Taihei
4. Himouto (indoor) Umaru
5. Sylphynford
6. Bimouto (outdoor) Umaru
7. UMR
8. Kanae
9. Nekolumbus (the cat cushion thing)
10. Hikari

They had 3 versions of Umaru (indoor, outdoor and UMR).

By the way Kirie is my waifu.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hidden Boss in Disgaea 5

Look at his stats LOL (and there are 4 of them)

[Majimadou (Matou)] Zettai Zetsubou Zecchou Monorail (Danganronpa)

I did both translating and editing on this one. Hard work with GIMP.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Shoko Nakagawa the Crazy Cat Lady

Voice actor/singer Shoko Nakagawa posts weird pictures of her cats. She is 30 years old. Yes, she's single (but used to date some actor, I think).

Her mom Keiko is a MILF though. She runs a restaurant in Tokyo.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Wndows 10 rant

I have installed "OMG the best version of Windows yet," aka Windows 10.

It is quite rough around the edges.

My desktop (with Japanese language pack installed):
Live tiles are often not "live", they are static and do not update. Live tiles also have issues with languages (if you switch languages they can appear as the wrong one). Web search is also limited to Bing, it would be better if Google was an option.

Japanese fonts issue:
Windows 10 uses new fonts for Japanese and its garbage. If you don't have a really high resolution screen, they can look blurry or pixellated, as in the screenshot of Chrome above.

Input method editor changer:
There is an issue where you can't use Japanese input as default if you do not use Japanese as the display language. You could do this in previous Windows - eg you could have English version of Windows and have Japanese as the default input language.

Other issues:
Windows recommends using a PIN to log in, yet the Numlock key is ALWAYS disabled on the lock screen (FUUUUUU). The Mail app is garbage: if you have more than one email account it sucks bad. The Calendar app also needs more work. Some apps don't work well in Windows 10 (eg the MEGA app I use to sync files). Some settings DO NOT get saved when you change them. Many Windows apps crashes (yes, even the Settings app) at random.

Unless you're curious, stay with Windows 7 (or 8) until issues are worked out. It's not that big of a leap, really.

[Fue] Fella Hame Lips

I only did chapter 1 (the color pages) and the last chapter. The other translators strangely used the wrong name for the girl (Onako instead of Naoko: is this on purpose?) so it was kept consistent.

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