Friday, June 5, 2015

They bundle election and event tickets with the CDs.

Fans (aka idiots) just take the tickets and give/throw away the CDs.

I wish these idiots (one of whom is mangaka Yoshinori Kobayashi) would stop giving money to these fake stars (actually to their record company).

We all know they lip-synch on stage and have no actual talent (or class, some end up being AV actresses and many are arrogant bitches).

These idiot fans help push these talentless groups to reach the music charts undeservedly.

This pisses me off.

End rant of the day.

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  1. SECRET: 0
    PASS: 74be16979710d4c4e7c6647856088456
    Some guy spent $300,000 to buy CDs. F*ck!