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Making purchases on DLSite

Making purchases on DLSite

I was thinking about writing something like this for a while. I will show you how to buy cartoon porn (why else would you go there?) from The English version of the site is different from the Japanese one. The English version has a much smaller product range.

For simplicity I won't bother with user registration. You do not need to make an account to make purchases but you will miss out on earning store credit and the ability to re-download, among other features.


First, you must realize that the "adult" and "general" sections are separate. See below for a list. Note that doujin means self-publication as opposed to commercial publication.

Non-H Sections:

H Sections:

There are also girl's only (doujin, manga) and gay sections.


Once you click on one of the above links you will see a page with the top bar that looks like below. The only important buttons are ログイン (login) and カート (cart).

Just type in the name of the artist, title or series/character/fetish (in Japanese) in the search box and press the button that says 検索 (search). Once you find a work you want (the price is displayed here as 756 yen and you earn 3% of the item price, or 21 yen store credit if you have an account), on the right hand panel click the カートに入れる (add to cart) button.

It will now turn blue and say カートに入っています (in cart). You can click it again to open your cart for checkout.

Note that some items have DRM. This can be seen if the below label is shown. This means that you must download their software to view the files. If you do not have an account, you need to look in the email they sent you for your login and password. To avoid hassle, you should try to skip these works if possible.

Your Cart

Once you are in your cart, you are met with a list of items you want to buy. On the right is a bar with the total cost and payment options (in this case it is 5184 yen).

The top option is for users with an account. Credit card payment (the only option for foreigners) is the first pink button クレジットカード.


Click that button and now you must enter your email address (twice) and click 取り扱いに同意して確認ページヘ (agree to terms and move to confirmation). Leave those check boxes alone. They are requests for promo email.

Finally you will get a page with the below message. Click on the orange 外部決済へ button to move to the external credit card processing system or キャンセル (cancel) to return.

Once the payment is confirmed, you are met with download links for the items you bought. Click the purple ダウンロード buttons.

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    Also worth noting that if you have an account you can rate the works you've purchased at and gain some points (store credit) that way.