Friday, October 31, 2014

I finished the Danganronpa video game.

Monokuma kinda looks like Buster-kun (mascot of J-rock band the pillows).

And hearing Monokuma voiced by Ooyama Nobuyo kept making think of Doraemon.

[Honda Arima] Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku! Chapter 6

This concludes the first volume. In association with Angry Fox Scans.

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Funny Manga

Here's a story about a 35 year old hikikomori named Haruo who lives with his mom.

Haruo quit his job and became a hikikomori because he was bullied at his first job when he was 25. Mom is worried that when she dies her son will not be able to live as he has no income.

Haruo's older brother comes over saying that he built a new house, and wants her to live with him. Mom does not agree because she would have to leave Haruo.

One day Haruo is on his computer when a young girl enters his room carrying his meal. She says that she's his mom who grew younger after losing consciousness. Haruo doesn't believer her and thinks it's a prank.

Haruo then begins wondering if he's relying too much on his mom, and if he should change.

His mom then enters saying she doesn't blame him for not believing her. Finally, she offers him sex and become his wife so they can live together.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Who is Japan's greatest singer?

Misora Hibari.

Almost every Japanese woman over 50 is a huge fan (like my mom). She also has many non-Japanese fans, such as heavy metal guitarist Marty Friedman. She could sing almost any genre, including enka, jazz, and pop. All of Japan went into mourning when she died in 1989.

Have a look at some of her videos on YouTube.

Cool (Japanese) song no.3

Yosui Inoue - Shounen Jidai

Yosui Inoue is a famous Japanese singer-songwriter. This is his most famous song, a single released in 1990. Shounen Jidai means "Boyhood." This site and this site has lyrics interpretation in English.

So it's been over a year since I started doing comissioned translations.

When I began I had NO idea there would be so much demand for a paid translator.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Patting myself on the back.

Sometimes translations work so well I'm surprised myself. In the soon-to-be released Okasu Bekarazu Juketsu Tokku Chapter 7:

The bottom left bubble is perfect.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ken Shimura

I've watched many people while I played.

I learnt that life is not fair.

There are people who are fortunate from a young age.
There are people who rise up quickly then fall quickly.
There are people who peak in their later years.
And there are people who are unfortunate all through life.

When you look at this, you can see that there are no set rules for winning or losing in the game of life.

But there's one thing that can be said.

People who are fortunate all the time, are all working hard for it.

No exceptions.

- Ken Shimura

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fun with kanji

Kanji can be made up from other smaller characters. I found some fun stories of them.

(mou) is the kanji which if used this this form 儲ける (moukeru) means "to make a profit." This is made up of (shin: to believe) and (ja: person) which together (信者: shinja) means "believer" or "follower" of a group (such as religion). Thus it means that such groups are making a profit off their followers.

Another one is 悟り (satori: enlightenment). This is made up of 小五 (shougo: fifth grade at elementary school) and ロリ (loli). Thus it means that lolicons have reached enlightenment.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Daikon Oroshi

Here is a cat made from daikon oroshi (grated radish). Grated daikon is often served with grilled fish in Japanese cuisine. The brown stuff is soy sauce.