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Now I do not like to criticize other translators, but this guy needs to do better. More so if he's getting paid for it. .

Enter CGrascal.
He's been at it for years, received plenty of feedback, yet he does not improve. In fact, it's as if he doesn't want to.

The manga I'm picking up is [Nekometaru] Osakana Monban-san (COMIC Unreal 2014-04 Vol. 48). Why am I picking this work in particular? It's because a member of E-Hentai got fed up enough to get a proper translation by me. Now let's have a compare.

1st page (raw):

1st page (CGrascal):

Japanese says:
私の名はフィーネ 半魚人族随一の勇者を父に持ち 自身も王宮の番兵隊長を務める半魚人族のエリートだ 陸からでも海からでも不審者はこの槍で仕留める

CGrascal translated as:
My name is Fine. I hold the title of greatest hero of the half-fish tribe from my father. I personally serve as captain of the royal palace sentry. I am the elite of the half fish tribes. On land and sea, suspicious persons are certainly killed by this spear of mine.

My translation is:
My name is Fine, daughter of the greatest hero of all the half-fish people. I am also an elite member of the half-fish people and serve as leader of the palace guards. My spear can defeat all enemies, both from land and sea.

CGrascal got off to a bad start here. Can you tell the difference? Also, the "suspicious persons" part is a very literal translation of the last sentence.

Also, the bottom panel:

CGrascal said:
Haa... it's obvious... on that day... I was horny...

This is completely wrong. It should be:
Haa... clearly... it’s coming... I'm going into heat!

Another page (raw):


The Japanese of the center panel is:
ふぁ・・・❤すごぉく濃い❤ ほほぅ 人間ザーメンはこんな味なのか それにしてもすごい量だな 勇者よ

Ahh! It's so thick. Oh! This is the taste of human sperm? That reminds me, it's quite thick, hero.

This should have been:
Fwah...! It’s so thick! Hmm, so this is what human cum tastes like! By the way, this is a lot of cum, Hero!

Here he didn't read the read the last sentence properly.

There are lots more examples of bad translations in there, as well as bad grammar. It's as if he doesn't care about the quality and rather get it done as quickly as possible. Or, is he just incompetent at Japanese (and also English)? I feel sorry for people who read it., more so, the people who actually paid money for it!

If you're reading this, CGrascal, ashamed and I hope you improve your work. You're getting paid for it. Be more professional.

My version of this manga is being edited and will be released later.

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