Monday, July 28, 2014

Japanese government plans to shut down online anime/manga piracy [Updated]

NHK reports that the Japanese government will work with anime and manga companies to begin a major operation to shut down websites allowing downloads of pirated content.

Piracy of said content is mainly centered in China, and Japanese companies are said to have lost at least 560 billion yen in the last year because of this. To counter this problem, the government and 15 other anime/manga companies will be working together to shut down these pirate sites.

The operation will begin on August 1st, and will also involve attracting users to legitimate websites, where they could pay a small fee to watch the content legally.

So they're going to go after sites like Comic-Han? Do they know how this is going to be?

"Legal" site put up by the Government
Crappy video they made

So what's going on?

Translation and editing of [Are] Tonaone (COMIC Kairakuten XTC Vol. 2) has been completed, but we will not release it until this Wani Magazine BS cools down.

It was about a big-breasted older woman next door and a shota who goes and visits her..

Currently doing chapter 5 of Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku! for Angry Fox Scans. Chapter 3 will be edited soon.

Over the weekend, I helped Nonoplayer with the description and part of his script of his "いつも良い取引き" hentai game. He'll be posting on DMM soon.

Dropbox Fail

So I use Dropbox on iPad to display the raw images when I translate.

I find that the images don't load (see screenshot).

After complaining to Dropbox, it turns out it's a bug (surprisingly they reply pretty fast).

They told me that they fixed the issue but now have to wait until it is approved by Apple.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wani magazine situation and me

In light of Wani Magazine's recent DMCA towards E-Hentai, I will not be posting any work related to them for a while.

This includes work serialized in Comic X-Eros, Kairakuten, Shitsurakuen etc.

I already know of scanlators who received cease and desist notices.

Friday, July 25, 2014 DDos'd?

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[Mushashi-dou (Musashino Sekai)] Mushroom Samba (Touhou Project)

E-Hentai Gallery
Direct Download

E-Hentai DELETES most Wani Magazine published manga from Galleries

Today a whole bunch of commercial manga published by Wani Magazine posted on E-Hentai Galleries were deleted.

Below is a list of artists that are affected:

For an idea of what kind of work was deleted, see this thread. Most new manga drawn by the artists in the list are now gone.

Tenboro, the admin of the website said:
"There was a batch of additional notices from Wani that we had to act on. Due to their content I strongly suspect that someone was involved indirectly, but there was no direct contact from anyone else."

A mass deletion of content from the E-Hentai like this is unprecedented. We all know by now that Fakku recently landed a contract with Wani Magazine to publish English versions of their manga on their website. Could they have been involved? Will this cause other publishers to file takedowns?