Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Do you get this message when you click E-Hentai Gallery links?

For example if you try to visit and you don't have access to it like I do, you will get the error message.

Why do they do this?

It's because advertisers on E-Hentai galleries didn't like lolicon, shotacon, bestiality, incest etc (can't remember all the words) content on the site.

Originally thought to have been removed, such content is made available in a hidden site at which does not have ads.

If you want to visit the EX version of a E-Hentai Gallery, you can change the to, like to

Note you must have an E-Hentai account, and already have access to

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  1. SECRET: 1
    PASS: 74be16979710d4c4e7c6647856088456
    Be sure to update your instructions to say the user needs to have logged into their account first before going to That is to make sure that their cookie is updated to show they are logged in to e-hentai. The exhentai site uses that cookie to verify access.
    You might also mention that some people refer to the exhentai site by the name of "sadpanda" due to the site using a picture of a sad panda if your attempt to enter is rejected.