Monday, July 17, 2017

Otonano Guwa Crowdfunding [Update 2]

I noticed that my translation of Mother and Child Game created a lot of interest, and people have been asking me if I can do the other 2 volumes.

The other 2 volumes are:

Siblings Game

Mother and Son Game (Part 2)

I've found someone who can buy and scan the 2 other volumes.

The price is $25 (now paid - thanks) + shipping/scanning ($76).

For more information about how to contribute, please use the email form on the right, send me a PM on E-Hentai or email

UPDATE 1: The books have been ordered.

UPDATE 2: The books have been bought, I need $76 to get it shipped and scanned.

UPDATE 3: Because I couldn't leave the books with the shop, I had to personally pay $30 for them to be shipped to the guy scanning it. Still looking for other people to help with these costs.

UPDATE 4: Someone else has uploaded a scan of volume 2. Maybe we should only get the Sibling Game book scanned. Will find out the cost.


  1. Send you a PM on e-hentai forums.

  2. Replies
    1. Send me an email using the form or send a E-Hentai private message to N04h.

    2. Don't you have PayPal that's easy to send money

    3. Paypal can ban you if you use it for adult content. That's why I'm being cautious.

    4. Updated the opening post.