Friday, September 22, 2017

[MARUTA] Kimi no Sukina Onnanoko no Katachi | Shape of Your Favorite Girl

Chapters 1-5 by (the now dead) THMMY Scans (translated by IlPalazzo-ojiisan and edited by Hurp Durp).

Chapters 6-10 by N04h (translated by N04h and edited by Herzer)

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Otonano Guwa Crowdfunding [Updated]

I noticed that my translation of Mother and Child Game created a lot of interest, and people have been asking me if I can do the other 2 volumes.

The other 2 volumes are:

Siblings Game

Mother and Son Game (Part 2)

The 2 books have been bought, and are with the scanner.

Mother and Child Game Part 2 has been scanned by someone else so we will be dropping scanning of that one.

Scanlation cost for Mother and Son Game is $85 (translation + editing). This is about the same rate as Mother and Son Game Part 1, it is very text heavy. FUNDED + COMPLETED (see update 7 below)

We are now seeking $52 to get Sibling Game shipped and scanned (in USD). Total amount funded for far: $2.33 / $52.

Siblings Game has been uploaded. Scanlation price for this will be $105 (translation + editing). $2.33 / $105.

For more information about how to contribute, please use the email form on the right, send me a PM on E-Hentai or email

UPDATE 1: The books have been ordered, thanks to $25 from an E-Hentai member.

UPDATE 2: The books have been bought, I need $76 to get them shipped and scanned.

UPDATE 3: Because I couldn't leave the books with the shop, I had to personally pay $30 for them to be shipped to the guy scanning it. Still looking for other people to help with these costs.

UPDATE 4: Someone else has uploaded a scan of volume 2.

UPDATE 5: The plan now is to only get Siblings Game book scanned.

UPDATE 6: Mother and Son Game scanlation had been funded.

UPDATE 7: Mother and Son Game part 2 has been completed. People who paid get to see it first. Will be posted here later on.

UPDATE 8: Siblings Game has been scanned by someone else. The scanlation price has been set.